Aluminium is used as the standard spacer option across our range of double-glazed units. However, in our LightBridge next™ range we offer a thermally optimized hybrid warm edge spacer as standard, and we also now offer the thermally optimized hybrid warm edge spacer as an optional extra for all other IGUs in the Viridian Glass range.

A thermally optimized hybrid warm edge spacer provides a more durable edge bond which is a more thermally efficient and sustainable spacer bar solution which provides a holistic solution outcome to a high-performance window and glazing system.


Key benefits:

Seamless Look

The matte black finish creates a seamless look inside the double-glazed unit. A clean look, where the glass unit blends seamlessly into the window frame.


Our Thermally Optimized Hybrid Warm Edge Spacer technology is made from sustainable materials.

Better Thermal Quality

This technology creates a better and more durable thermal seal around the double-glazed unit, thus reducing moisture penetrating into the space and also preventing filing gases from escaping. This may reduce instance of condensation and create a more efficient thermal barrier when used as part of a high- performance window system.

The thermally optimized hybrid warm edge spacer adds another opportunity for window manufacturers, architects, builders, and homeowners to implement another level of thermal performance to their window systems, creating a more complete level of thermal efficiency to your projects.

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