There are a range of options available dependent on whether a single glazed (monolithic) or double glazed solution is required. That in turn may depend on the framing system desired, the performance criteria required and/or the budget that is in place.

Essentially the performance criteria revolve around blending the solar control and thermal insulation properties of the glass to reduce the amount of heat coming through the glass in Summer and reducing the amount of heat lost to the outside in Winter.

Single glazed options available from Viridian include ComfortPlus™ SmartGlass™ EVantage™ EnergyTech™ & SolTech™

Each product offers different options which can match the customer requirements in terms of solar control, light transmission, reflectivity, thermal efficiency, safety and colour.

Double glazed options permit a wider range of products to be considered across the range and generates the potential for higher performance levels to be achieved; i.e. lower U values in conjunction with greater levels of solar control and higher levels of light transmission.