We have a range of glass products which, dependent on the application, can be used for decorative purposes in both safety and non-safety rated applications.

The range includes:

DecorPattern™ glass – range of different designs for use in windows, doors, partitions, wall panels, lead lights, balustrades, louvres, furniture

DecorMirror™ - An environmentally friendly, copper free mirror with high light reflection for use in bathrooms and standard framed mirror applications.

DecorMirror™ Safe – A special vinyl backed, Grade A safety version of the standard Opt mirror product for use in wardrobes, doors and high activity areas.

Seraphic™ – A range of 16 decorative toughened painted panels used for curtain wall spandrel applications, plus wall cladding and splash backs

Seraphic™ Design – A range of different designs than found in the ‘standard range’ providing different light transmissions and levels of solar control for use in, for example, laminated overhead glazing.

PixaGraphic™ – A custom high resolution digital printed that allows any special design and/or colour to be used for specific project applications.

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