ThermoTech™ Point Fixed IGU's, supported by spider fittings, glass fins or cable trusses allow for less obtrusive framing systems than the traditional framed glazing techniques. 

Without compromising natural light but enhancing performance, ThermoTech™ Point Fixed IGU's can now insulate large areas of space including foyers of office buildings, airports, museums and art galleries. 

Thermo Tech Point Fixed

Safety & Security

Can we processed into toughened or toughened laminated options to ensure optimal safety for your application. 

Thermo Tech Point Fixed 2

Performance & Aesthetic 

There are different glass combinations available depending on the aesthetic and performance requirements for your project. 

Thermo Tech Point Fixed 3

Design Flexibility

The flexibility of the TPS spacer used between the glass panels, combined with a secondary seal and fittings, allow for the double-glazed units to move under pressure without compromising the seal. 

Technical Specifications

  • Facades 
  • Podiums
  • Curtain Walls 
  • Ground floor atriums 
  • Airports
  • Museums
  • Art Galleries 
  • Sporting Grandstands 

Maximum Size: 4500mm x 2700mm 

IGU's available in 4 pin, 6 pin and 8 pin support. 

Speak to your Viridian Representative for support with glass size and selection to suit your specific project requirement. 

Only available in 8mm, 10mm and 12mm glass thicknesses. 
LightBridge™ and PerformaTech™ options not available. 

  • Heat soak treatment is strongly recommended for toughened glass.
  • All performance data is calculated using LBNL Windows 7.4 software based on AFRC 100-2010 conditions and is centre of glass value.
  • The maximum edge deflection of an IGU under serviceability limit state actions is recommended to be no greater than span over 175.
  • Articulated bolt fittings are recommended.
  • The fixings are recommended to be 100mm away from the edges.
  • Heat Soak treatment strongly recommended for all units
Glass Type  Nom. Thickness (mm) VLT U-Value SHGC
10 Clear / 12 Argon / 10 Clear  32 76 2.5 0.62
10 Green / 12 Argon / 10 Clear  32 57 2.5 0.38
10 Grey / 12 Argon / 10 Clear  32 22 2.5 0.35
10 SolTech (2) / 12 Argon / 10 Clear  32 53 1.6 0.43
10 Green / 12 Argon / 10 EnergyTech (3) 32 53 1.6 0.33
10 Grey / 12 Argon / 10 EnergyTech (3)  32 21 1.6 0.30

For other thicknesses contact Viridian. 



The range offers exceptional insulation combined with high light transmission through the use of Low E glass and inert gas filled as standard.

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