As the name suggests, JailGuard™ is specialised security glass that is tough enough to meet the standards of correctional facilities.

JailGuard™ is designed to resist attacks from all the typical hand tools that might be found within correctional facilities such as police stations, jails, remand centres and more.
JailGuard 1 Safety Security

Safety & Security

Made with a variety of glass types and thicknesses and combined with high-end security interlayers, JailGuard™ is customisable to specific threat levels and applications.

JailGuard 2 Customisable

Customised for Your Needs

There are many options of configurations for translucent and two-way mirror functionality, so JailGuard™ is suitable to meet your needs.

JailGuard 3 Proven Effectiveness

Proven Effectiveness

We work hand in hand with frame makers to produce tested total solutions so you can trust the quality and reliability of JailGuard™.

Technical Specifications

  • Correctional facilities such as police stations, remand centres, juvenile justice facilities and jails
  • This product is pretty technical - which is why we'd like to know your requirements before giving you all the details. Help us help you by getting in touch today.

JailGuard™ will be available in these different security levels from September 2021: 

JailGuard™ 14
JailGuard™ 16
JailGuard™ 10
JailGuard™ 20
JailGuard™ 30

Please note, JailGuard™ 14 and 16 will be discontinued from January 2022. 
JailGuard™ 20 was formerly JailGuard™ 22. 

May be specified in a choice of configurations - clear, toned, Low E and DecorMirror™ Oneway (subject to configuration and attack level). 

Can be used for both internal and external applications

JailGuard products are manufactured using a variety of glass types and thicknesses combined with high-end security interlayers. JailGuard can also incorporate low spall films if required.

Download the product testing reports here.

View the testing demonstration videos here:  

JailGuard™ 10 

JailGuard™ 20

JailGuard™ 30

Security Laminate

Security Laminate

Manufactured using a variety of glass types and thicknesses combined with high-end security interlayers.

Tested & Certified

Tested & Certified

JailGuard™ is tested & Certified to Grade A Safety Glass Standards, as well as to capital HPW-TP-0500.02 & .03 & Opus (NZ) on request.