Bomb & BlastGuard™ is bomb resistant glass that allows buildings to maintain a high level of safety and security while still enjoying the benefits of larger window spaces.



When it comes to high-risk locations such as embassies and government buildings, Bomb & BlastGuard™ is the trusted glass for protection against the threat of attacks.
Bomb Blast Guard 1 Bomb Pressure

Bomb & Pressure Wave Resistant

Bomb & BlastGuard™ resists against explosive fragments and blast pressure waves – greatly increasing a building’s defence.

Bomb Blast Guard 2 Customise To Your Needs

Customise to Your Needs

Bomb & BlastGuard™ can be customised to suit specific threat levels and applications. You can also work hand in hand with frame makers to produce tested solutions – offering additional peace of mind.

Bomb Blast Guard 3 Long Lasting Durability

Long-lasting Durability

Bomb & BlastGuard™ is expertly designed to provide durability as well as high visual quality to suit a range of applications.

Technical Specifications

  • High-risk areas such as embassies and government buildings, high profile public buildings, armoured and specialised defence vehicles
  • This product is pretty technical - which is why we would like to know your requirements before giving you all the details. Help us help you by getting in touch today.

Bomb & BlastGuard are multiple compositions consisting of glass, highly specialised polycarbonates, polyurethane and specifically developed security interlayers. The components used in the manufacture of Bomb & BlastGuard retain a high level of light transmission and ensure visual image is maintained and free from distortion.

Security Laminate

Security Laminate

The range contains multiple compositions of highly specialised polycarbonates, polyurethane and security interlayers to protect against strong blasts and blast waves.

Tested & Certified

Tested & Certified

The Bomb & BlastGuard™ range is tested & certified to relevant military standards.


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