There’s nothing more important than knowing you’re safe. Most people think that a high level of security would mean compromising on the open and inviting look of your space – but not with AssaultGuard™.

AssaultGuard™ delivers the beautiful aesthetic of glass, while still offering a strong and affordable barrier against forced entry. Resisting attacks from hand tools like crowbars and hammers, you can count on AssaultGuard™ to be tougher than intruders.
AssaultGuard 1 Safety Security

Safety & Security

AssaultGuard™ is made with a thick interlayer which retains its integrity and continues to act as a barrier – even after suffering repeated blows from bricks and other heavy objects.

AssaultGuard 2 Get The Look

Get the Look You Want

Don’t think AssaultGuard™ is just an effective barrier to forced entry. A range of colours and translucent options are also available to deliver the style you’re after.

Assault Guard 3 Interior Protection

Interior Protection

AssaultGuard™ provides high UV protection, reducing the rate of furniture fading.

Technical Specifications

  • Shop fronts and display counters

Viridian will advise of processed glass limitations depending on your project requirements. 

This product can be supplied in bulk or stock glass sheets through our partner Oceania Glass.  Find out about their stock product here

Can be supplied with solar control and privacy

Consider incorporating Viridian SuperClear™ to enhance the high light transmission often required in retail applications

Security Interlayer

Security Interlayer

AssaultGuard™ incorporates interlayers four times the thickness of those manufactured in standard glass laminates.

Tested & Certified

Tested & Certified

AssaultGuard™ is tested and certified to the Grade A safety glass standards of AS/NZS2208.