If you need a glass product that offers increased security to meet your design requirements, then look no further than AssaultGuard™ Ultra.

Specially developed for use in areas like police stations and mental health facilities, AssaultGuard™ Ultra the step up from AssaultGuard™ for delivering security.
AssaultGuard Ultra 1 Safety Security

Safety & Security

Made using a variety of glass types and thicknesses and combined with security interlayers, AssaultGuard™ Ultra is designed to resist a wide range of attacks.

EnviroShield  3 Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

AssaultGuard™ Ultra is available in a range of options for colour, toned and Low E combinations to meet energy efficiency and privacy requirements.

AssaultGuard Ultra 3 Interior Protection

Interior Protection

AssaultGuard™ Ultra offers so much more than strong protection from damage. It also provides protection from UV light and reduces the rate of furniture fading.

Technical Specifications

  • Observation or holding cells
  • Police station detention areas
  • Mental Health facilities
  • Banks
  • High-risk display cases (museums, art galleries, etc)
  • Please see Glass Options tab

AssaultGuard™ Ultra 10 - Minimum Security Glass

AssaultGuard™ Ultra 10 is the base product in the range and ideal for use in low to medium risk facilities, such as observation or holding cells, police station detention areas, mental health institutes, banks, high-risk display cases (museums, art galleries, etc) and pay offices.

AssaultGuard™ Ultra 12 - Medium Security Glass

AssaultGuard™ Ultra 12 is the mid-range product in the range.

It is typically used in medium to high risk areas in facilities as well as juvenile justice centres, remand centres, high risk police detention areas and mental health facilities.

AssaultGuard™ Ultra 14 - Premium Security Glass

AssaultGuard™ Ultra 14 is the highest performing product in the range.

It is specifically designed for applications requiring client observation where excellent integrity of product is required. This maximum security glass is typically used in maximum risk areas in facilities such as juvenile justice centres, remand centres and acute or forensic mental health facilities.

    Clear Neutral Green Grey Maximum Size
Non Coated Range AssaultGuard™ Ultra 10   2440mm x 1220mm
  AssaultGuard™ Ultra 12   2440mm x 1220mm
  AssaultGuard™ Ultra 14   3650mm x 2130mm
Low E Coated Range AssaultGuard™ Ultra 10 Low E 2000mm x 1000mm
  AssaultGuard™ Ultra 12 Low E 2440mm x 1220mm
  AssaultGuard™ Ultra 14 Low E 3500mm x 2130mm

If stringent energy efficiency requirements are specified, Viridian AssaultGuard™ Ultra can be supplied in a range of toned and Low E combinations or combined with our ThermoTech™ Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) range.

Security Laminate

Security Laminate

AssaultGuard™  Ultra includes a specialised interlayer for added security.

Tested & Certified

Tested & Certified

AssaultGuard™  Ultra is tested and certified to the Grade A safety glass standards of AS/NZS2208.



AssaultGuard™ Ultra is thermally toughened to be five times stronger than ordinary glass.


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