The built environment is demanding more thermally efficient building envelopes, and it is becoming more challenging to achieve local regulations with single glazing. Viridian ClimaTech™ offers quality entry level performance double glazing for spaces which require additional insulation.

Suitable for hot and cold climates, Viridian ClimaTech™  provides increased thermal performance for residential and commercial window applications.  

Thermal Comfort with ClimaTech™

Thermal Comfort

Viridian ClimaTech™ uses two pieces of glass, one coated with a spectrally controlled Low E coating and the other an ordinary clear or toned glass. Providing added comfort and design flexibility. 

Natural Light with ClimaTech™

Natural Light

Viridian ClimaTech™ allows you to specify larger windows without facing building compliance challenges. 

ClimaTech™ Safety


Viridian ClimaTech™ is supplied to Grade A safety standards when processed to the correct thickness and glass type to suit the application.

Technical Specifications

Commercial and residential windows and doors

  • Minimum Size*: 350mm x 250mm
  • Maximum Size*: 4500mm x 2500mm

**The maximum unit area permissible under AS1288 needs to be taken into consideration too.  Sizes outside of these limits may be available as a special order on request **

  • Residential:

    4mm and 5mm available in Clear only. 
    6mm available in Clear, Light Grey and Grey tones

  • Commercial:

    6mm available in Clear, Light Grey, Grey, Bronze, Green, SuperBlue and SuperGreen tones. 

  • Thermal (Warm Edge) Spacer Option*: For added thermal performance upgrade this product with a warm edge spacer. Please request this on quoting and ordering for a price.

    * The thermal spacer will be subject to availability in some markets, please check prior to ordering.
  • Glazing compounds, sealants and gaskets need to be approved by Viridian for suitability.
  • Frame design – the Viridian Warranty relies on frame design in accordance with AS/4666.
  • Do not expose ClimaTech™ edges to standing water and moisture as this can result in seal failure.
  • The frames must incorporate impervious weather seals or an efficient self-draining system.
  • Wind load and safety determine the type and thickness of glass required – refer Australian Standard AS1288 or New Zealand Standard NZS4223.
  • Special handling is required. When transporting and installing at altitudes of 800m and above, special requirements apply. This must be brought to the attention of Viridian.
  • For higher thermal performance, and other additional benefits like acoustic or privacy consider upgrading to the PerformaTech™, LightBridge™ or LightBridge next™ products.
  • The Viridian product label affixed to the glass when supplied must be installed to the outside of the building. 
Outside Glass   Inside Glass  Nominal Thickness mm  VLT U-Value SHGC  Application Suitability 
4mm VFloat™ Clear 4mm Viridian ClimaTech™  4+12+4 77 1.5 0.64


5mm VFloat™ Clear  5mm Viridian ClimaTech™  5+12+5 75 1.5 0.61 Residential
6mm VFloat Clear™ 6mm Viridian ClimaTech™ 6+12+6 74 1.5 0.60 Residential 
6mm VFloat™ Light Grey  5mm Viridian ClimaTech™  6+12+5 53 1.5 0.45 Residential 
6mm VFloat™ Grey 5mm Viridian ClimaTech™  6+12+5 35 1.5 0.35 Residential 
6mm Viridian ClimaTech™ 6mm VFloat™ Clear  6+12+6 74 1.5 0.54 Commercial
6mm VFloat™ Light Grey 6mm Viridian ClimaTech™ 6+12+6 53 1.5 0.45 Commercial
6mm VFloat™ Grey 6mm Viridian ClimaTech™ 6+12+6 35 1.5 0.35 Commercial
6mm VFloat™ Bronze 6mm Viridian ClimaTech™ 6+12+6 43 1.5 0.42 Commercial
6mm VFloat™ Green 6mm Viridian ClimaTech™  6+12+6 63 1.5 0.40 Commercial
6mm VFloat™ SuperGreen 6mm Viridian ClimaTech™ 6+12+6 56 1.5 0.33 Commercial
6mm VFloat™ SuperBlue 6mm Viridian ClimaTech™  6+12+6 44 1.5 0.32 Commercial





The range offers exceptional insulation combined with high light transmission through the use of low-e glass and inert gas filled as standard.

Low E Coating

Low E Coating

The high performance coating is applied to allow natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency.

Tested & Certified

Tested & Certified

Tested and certified to Grade A Safety glass standards.

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