Glass offers a unique way to add colour to your design in a creative and inspiring way. If you’d like to brighten up your space with a little colour, consider Seraphic™.

Take a look at our range of 20 standard opaque and translucent coloured glass. Made by screen printing a ceramic coating onto the glass, Seraphic™ can help you liven up your space.


SeraphicStandard 1 Create Beautiful Spaces

Create Beautiful Spaces

Open up the design possibilities of your space by incorporating a splash of colour with Seraphic™.

SeraphicStandard 2 Enjoy The Combo Privacy

Long-lasting Durability

Paint is fused to the glass surface, creating a permanent and durable finish, so you can be assured of the lasting quality.

SeraphicStandard 3 Illuminate Your Space

Safety & Security

Seraphic™ is suitable for safety glass standards and will not crack in demanding applications, such as high temperatures of up to 250°C.

Seraphic™ Standard Colours

Discover our standard range of colours in opaque and translucent glass – or customise your design to create the look you want.

Whites and Greys

Swatch Colour: White Snow – Clear

White Snow – Clear

Swatch Colour: White Frost – Clear

White Frost – Clear

Swatch Colour: White Snow – SuperClear

White Snow – SuperClear

Swatch Colour: White Frost – SuperClear

White Frost – SuperClear

Swatch Colour: APO Grey – Clear

APO Grey – Clear

Swatch Colour: Stone Grey – Clear

Stone Grey – Clear

Swatch Colour: Ironstone – Clear

Ironstone – Clear

Swatch Colour: Monument – SuperClear

Monument – SuperClear

Swatch Colour: Nightsky – Clear

Nightsky – Clear


Swatch Colour: Surfmist – SuperClear

Surfmist – SuperClear

Swatch Colour: Paperbark – Clear

Paperbark – Clear

Swatch Colour: Dune – Clear

Dune – Clear

Swatch Colour: Mangrove – Clear

Mangrove – Clear

Swatch Colour: Woodland Grey – Clear

Woodland Grey – Clear

Swatch Colour: Jasper – Clear

Jasper – Clear


Swatch Colour: Signal Red – SuperClear

Signal Red – SuperClear

Swatch Colour: Orange – Clear

Orange – Clear

Swatch Colour: Lemon Yellow – SuperClear

Lemon Yellow – SuperClear

Swatch Colour: Shallow Sea – Clear

Shallow Sea – Clear

Swatch Colour: Pommel Blue – Clear

Pommel Blue – Clear

Swatch Colour: Mistletoe – Clear

Mistletoe – Clear

Technical Specifications

  • Curtain wall spandrel panels
  • Wall cladding
  • Automotive and marine
  • Minimum Size: 300mm x 150mm
  • Maximum Size: 4500mm x 2200mm

Toughened - 4mm to 19mm
Heat Strengthened - 4mm to 12mm 
Laminated - 9.52mm to 39.52mm 
Toughened/Laminate - 9.52mm to 39.52mm

Virtually any colour can be matched by the Seraphic process and custom designs are also available. Lead times will vary on custom designs and colours and will be subject to surcharge.

The natural green tone of standard glass can affect light colours and can be minimised by specifying Viridian SuperClear™ low iron glass.

Translucent colours will also vary depending on light source and surrounding finishes.

Seraphic can be used for exterior and interior applications. The painted side must be glazed to the interior of the building.



Seraphic™ is five times tougher than ordinary glass.

Case Studies

Image The Block

Rural Revelation

Melbourne, Victoria

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Image The Block


Sydney, New South Wales

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Image The Block

Standing Ovation

Geelong, Victoria

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