Glass isn’t restricted to only opening up your space to natural light. With our Seraphic™ Design products, you can deliver an exciting decorative element as well.

Seraphic™ Design is our range of screen printed designs available in the Seraphic™ colour range. Ideal for internal partitions, sunshades and more – you can add a decorative touch to your space while securing your privacy.



Seraphic Design Create Beautiful Spaces

Create Beautiful Spaces

Seraphic™ Design offers a new design element to your interior palette. With unlimited possibilities for different colours and custom designs, you can let your imagination run wild with Seraphic™ Design.

SeraphicDesign 2 Enjoy Combo Privacy

Enjoy the Combination of Privacy & Light

Open up your space to natural lighting, without sacrificing your sense of privacy with Seraphic™ Design, letting light in whilst maintaining translucent vision.

SeraphicDesign 3 Illuminate Your Space

Illuminate Your Space

Seraphic™ Design diffuses light for a more uniformly lit glazed area, so your space is evenly lit.

Seraphic™ Design Patterns

Explore our standard range of printed glass patterns to find your favourite – or customise your design to find the perfect look.

6mm Circle

3mm Dots

3mm Reverse Dots

5mm Dots



2mm Line/2mm Gap (Vertical & Horizontal)

5mm Line/5mm Gap (Vertical & Horizontal)

10mm Line/10mm Gap (Vertical & Horizontal)

Spiders Wisp

Grid #1 3mm Clear Block

Grid #2 3mm 6mm x 15mm

Technical Specifications

  • Roof lights
  • Internal partitions
  • Sunshades
  • Automotive and marine
  • Privacy
  • Maximum Size: 4500mm x 2200mm*

*Maximum Size will vary by design. Contact Viridian for details.

Toughened - 4mm to 19mm 
Heat Strengthened - 4mm to 12mm 
Laminated - 9.52mm to 39.52mm 
Toughened/Laminate - 9.52mm to 39.52mm

A range of 12 designs are available in the Viridian Seraphic™ Design colour range.

In addition, virtually any colour can be matched and custom designs are also available*.

Translucent colours will vary depending on light source and surrounding colours.

* Custom designs require new screens for printing and lead times will vary. Surcharges apply.

When specifying colour, reference should be made to Dulux Master Palette or Dulux Powder Coat colour ranges only (refer to design chart on the product information page download below).

The glass has a natural green tone and this has an effect on the final colour. It is recommended that a colour sample be viewed in its final location.

Viridian SuperClear™ low iron glass is available for colour correcting light colours.

Custom designs require new screens for printing and lead times will vary.

Anti-slip finishes are available on request for stairs and floors.

Pattern % Cover Visible Light Transfer % SHGC
6mm Circle 27% 69 0.70
3mm Dot 50% 48 0.56
3mm Reverse Dot 42% 59 0.63
5mm Dot 39% 61 0.64
Diamond 21% 74 0.72
Checkerboard 94% 23 0.41
2mm Line/ 2mm Gap 50% 54 0.60
5mm Line/ 5mm Gap 50% 54 0.60
10mm Line/ 10mm Gap 50% 54 0.60
Spiders Wisp NA NA NA

(Performance is an estimate only. Performance is based on Seraphic Design on 6mm Clear).


Virtually any colour can be matched with Seraphic™ Design and custom designs are also available to create the specific look you want.

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Bronzed Aussie

Hoppers Crossing, Victoria

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