Whether it be at home or in the office, some spaces crave natural light yet still demand a level of privacy and style. Our DecorPattern™ Narrow Reeded product is an ideal option for adding a stylish touch to your space – without sacrificing the privacy you desire.

From modern bathrooms, to old-world interiors - design the look that is perfect for your space with DecorPattern™ Narrow Reeded.


DecorPattern 1 Create Private Illuminate Spaces

Create Private & Illuminated Spaces

DecorPattern™ Narrow Reeded diffuses the light that enters a space, transferring the very best qualities of natural light whilst blocking out onlookers.

DecorPattern 2 Design Without Pricetage

A modern yet timeless design  

DecorPattern™ Narrow Reeded offers a decorative touch to a room with an on-trend pattern to create a modern yet timeless touch. 

DecorPattern 3 Pattern Consistency Durability

Pattern Consistency & Durability

Our options across the DecorPattern™ range come with a consistent finish and high level of durability.

Technical Specifications

  • Windows for privacy and decoration
  • Shower and bath enclosures
  • Interior partitions
  • Door inserts
  • Wall panels and wall features
  • Balustrades
  • Louvres
  • Furniture

Viridian will advise of any processed size limitations depending on your project requirements. 

Product Type Clear Grey Glazing
  Textured Wired 4mm 5mm 6mm 5mm Non Directional Directional Obscure
Narrow Reeded           🌕


Ask us about accessing this product as part of a custom processed order like IGUs. We can also explore  lamination, painting or PixaGraphic finishes to this product for added customisation to meet specific privacy or design requirements. 

Toughening and laminating - the above chart illustrates the suitability of the various patterns to be laminated (using the PVB method) or toughened.

Fire resistance - while Viridian wired glass does not on its own have a fire rating, it can be part of a glass/door/window assembly which as a complete unit may achieve a fire rating.

Thermal resistance - wired and toned texture glass absorbs solar radiation and may be subject to thermal stress.

Tested & Certified

Tested & Certified

DecorPattern™ Narrow Reeded is a Grade A Safety Glass when toughened or laminated to the relevant standards (AS/NZS2208).



DecorPattern™ Narrow Reeded offer rooms access to natural light while maintaining their privacy.



DecorPattern™ Narrow Reeded is five times stronger than ordinary glass when toughened to the relevant standard (AS/NZS2208).

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The Block 2020

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