Combined with the ThermoTech™ range of insulated glass units, the Cross System™ is a bespoke solution to compliment a Hamptons style home or to preserve the character of a period home.

DecorPattern 1 Create Private Illuminate Spaces

Relax in year-round comfort

ThermoTech™ products offer superior thermal insulation and a range of solar control levels without sacrificing on natural light, keeping your space a comfortable temperature.

DecorPattern 2 Design Without Pricetage

Energy efficiency

ThermoTech™ products decrease heat conduction between inside and out, so you don’t have to rely so much on heating and cooling systems.

DecorPattern 3 Pattern Consistency Durability

Designer style

The Cross System™ is fitted internally as a decorative feature to the ThermoTech™ IGU and is available in a variety of styles.

Technical Specifications


  • Aesthetically pleasing decorative feature
  • Compatible with most window suites
  • Available in a range of profile sizes
  • ThermoTech™ IGU range delivers outstanding levels of solar control, thermal insulation and overall comfort


  • Fully framed residential windows and doors

Viridian will advise of any processed size limitations depending on your project requirements. 

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