Start your journey to brighter, more visually spectacular designs with VFloat™.

VFloat™ is the starting point in our range of Australian-made glass products. It may be our base range, but it’s anything but basic. Made using the float process – the benchmark for glass of quality and optical clarity – you can be assured that VFloat™ will make a great contribution to your space.
ComfortPlus 2 Illuminate Your Space

Illuminate Your Space

The VFloat™ range offers consistently high clarity and low distortion, with your choice of colour and solar heat reduction. This means you get to bask in natural light and enjoy the view.

VFloat 2 Enjoy Piece Of Mind

Enjoy Peace of Mind

VFloat™ is crafted using the float process which creates glass of extraordinary quality with a consistently flat surface, so you can relax knowing you’re working with a high quality product.

VFloat 3 Colour Consistency

Achieve a Consistent Look

The colour of VFloat™ will never fade or alter over time. The consistency of our manufacturing and testing processes ensure you can count on the reliable colour and quality of our glass to last well into the future.



Choose VFloat™ Clear to enjoy uninterrupted views and maximise the natural light and warmth entering your space.


Choose VFloat™ Grey to reduce solar heat and glare, and enjoy the subtle design look of a neutral grey hue.


Select VFloat™ Bronze to reduce glare and heat from the sun and stay comfortable in your space.


Consider VFloat™ Green to reduce heat from the sun, while retaining ample natural light levels for a lighter and brighter space.

Light Grey

Consider VFloat™ Light Grey to reduce glare, whilst adding a lighter aesthetic which allows for natural light.

Technical Specifications

  • Where visibility and light transmission are important
  • General glazing
  • Further processed as toughened, laminated or toughened laminate glass
  • Insulating glass, mirror coated and screen printed

Viridian will advise of any processed size limitations depending on your project requirements. 

VFloat™ may also need to be supplied in toughened, laminated, or toughened laminate form as required by Standards.

*Not available in all tones and in all states of Australia or New Zealand.

  Thickness (mm)
Product 4 5 6 8 10 12 15 19
VFloat™ Clear
VFloat™ Light Grey              
VFloat™ Grey      
VFloat™ Bronze        
VFloat™ Green        
VFloat™ SuperClear    

WITHDRAWN PRODUCTS: 12mm VFloat™ Bronze and 5mm VFloat™ SuperClear products are withdrawn effective 1st August 2022. 

Product U Value SHGC VLT
VFloat™ Clear 5.8 0.82 88
VFloat™ Light Grey 5.8 0.66 61
VFloat™ Grey 5.8 0.58 42
VFloat™ Green  5.8 0.59 75
VFloat™ Bronze  5.8 0.65 51
VFloat™ SuperClear 5.8 0.89 91
*6mm glass thickness
Locally Manufactured

Locally Manufactured

The vast majority of VFloat™ products are manufactured in Australia to leading local standards for processing & cutability.