Whether you want flawless colour for a glass feature, or simply the clearest view of outside, SuperClear™ will deliver you the very best look.

SuperClear™ eliminates the subtle green tint that usually comes with glass, and offers an almost invisible barrier between you and the world.


SuperClear 1 Illuminate Space

Illuminate Your Space

The extreme clarity of  SuperClear™ allows for the transmission of over 90% of natural light – making your space lighter and brighter.

SuperClear 2 Consistant Look

Achieve a Consistent Look

SuperClear™ maintains the integrity of colours painted or printed onto it or behind it. As there is no green tint, colours are not tainted – delivering you a pristine decorative look.

SuperClear 3 Energy Effeciency

Energy Efficiency

The transparency of SuperClear™ maximises passive solar heating, warming your space from the sun and reducing your reliance on heating.

Technical Specifications

  • Showerscreens
  • Splashbacks
  • Shopfronts and display cases
  • Balustrades and Total Vision system entries
  • Furniture
  • Shelving
  • Seraphic glass for true colours
  • Specialist applications requiring thick glass
  • Viridian will advise of any processed size limitations depending on your project requirements. 

Thickness: 4mm to 19mm

Viridian SuperClear™ is available in laminated, toughened and toughened laminated form

  Visible Light Trans (%) Visible Light Trans (%) SHGC SHGC
Glass thickness VFloat Clear SuperClear™ VFloat Clear SuperClear™
4mm 89 91 0.85 0.90
5mm 89 91 0.83 0.90
6mm 88 91 0.82 0.89
10mm 85 90 0.75 0.88
12mm  84   90 0.73  0.88
15mm 84 90 0.76 0.86
19mm 82 90 0.72 0.85


SuperClear™ can be toughened to be five times stronger than ordinary glass.

Case Studies

Image The Block

Up Close & Personal

Parkville, Victoria

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Image The Block

High Light

Sydney, New South Wales

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Image The Block

Standing Ovation

Geelong, Victoria

More Info

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