Our products are designed with a range of benefits to suits high density living - from blocking out unwanted noise, energy saving and comfort to decorative and colour!

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External Applications

Internal Applications


Ultimate performance triple glazing

LightBridge next™

Superior performance double glazing


Top tier performance double glazing

Viridian ClimaTech™

Entry level performance double glazing


High performance double glazing


Customised double glazing


Insulating acoustic laminated glass

VLam™ Hush

Acoustic laminated glass


Performance laminated glass - available in a range of tones for performance and design flexibility


Digitally printed safety glass

EnergyTech™ & SolTech™

Performance single glazing - available in a range of tones for flexible solar control.


High performance single glazing


Solar control single glazing


Premium float glass – our foundation product for clear vision & quality


Standard laminated glass, where safety and noise control begins


Quality toughened glass – for superior strength, safety & resilience


Security laminated glass


Trafficable custom structural laminates


High clarity glass for a clearer view


Textured glass for spaces which require light and privacy

Seraphic™ Design

Patterned coloured glass for privacy and decoration


Mirror for high reflective and decorative finishes

DécorMirror™ Safe

Vinyl backed safety mirror - adds depth and light to your space with added safety


Frosted etched glass for internal and external spaces - adding light and privacy

VLam™ Translucent

Translucent laminated glass for spaces which require privacy and natural light


Ceramic painted glass, for decorative applications which require durability


Laminated coloured glass, for decorative applications which require colour consistency and durability

Cross System™

ThermoTech™ IGU Colonial Window Style

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The Block 2015
South Yarra, Victoria

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Glass can be tricky sometimes, which is why we’ve provided you with a whole bunch of different download options to help assist you in your glass choices and specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – that is the ideal time!  We have a team available to assist in selecting the best glazing solutions for your project. Our dedicated TechDirect team are available on 1800 847 434

Glass plays an incredibly important role in the building code targets. Ordinary glass used even in the best window frame, will always result in poor insulation. Achieving the right amount of natural light without compromising your design and the amount of energy (heating and cooling) lost through its surface is only achievable by using both quality frames and quality glass! The products you should be considering to help you achieve energy and insulation targets is Viridian high performance double glazing, LightBridge™ or performance single glazing, SmartGlass™.

There are different aspects of a build that need to be considered in order to achieve an effective acoustic solution. Selection of frames, glass, wall, floor and roof materials are all important to establishing good overall acoustic performance. Viridian VLam Hush™ and ComfortHush™ are both specialised acoustic glass products which can be used on their own, or as part of a double-glazed unit for effective noise control.