Natural Light

Natural light is an essential element in creating a comfortable, healthy, light-filled home. By choosing better performing glass over ordinary glass you can enjoy larger windows and more natural light as well as a home that’s cool in summer and warm in winter.

To achieve natural light and comfort, as well as ensure you meet your building compliance requirements, we advise consumers to choose from our residential range of high-performance glass. Speak to us about Viridian LightBridge™ and SmartGlass™.


Homeowners who want greater control over the comfort and temperature of their home have a number of options. They can choose an entry-level energy efficiency glass product such as Viridian’s SmartGlass™ which improves insulation over ordinary glass by around a third. Or they can go a step further and choose a higher performing glass such as Viridian’s LightBridge™ which can more than double this improvement in insulation performance.


We know that there is an increasing number of Australians now living in high density urban areas, so people are looking for long term ways to prevent outside noise disrupting home life. Viridian ComfortHush has been developed to specifically address this issue. ComfortHush™ can reduce noise levels entering a home by up to 34% compared to ordinary 3mm glass. It also contains a Low E coating, making it a better insulator compared to ordinary glass.

Viridian LightBridge™ can also be upgraded to offer enhanced noise control giving homeowners the opportunity to create a comfortable, peaceful living space that provides sanctuary from the outside world.