Our products are designed with a range of benefits - from energy saving, comfort and blocking out unwanted noise to decorative and colour!

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External Applications

Internal Applications


Ultimate performance triple glazing

LightBridge next™

Superior performance double glazing

Viridian ClimaTech™

Entry level performance double glazing


High performance double glazing


Customised double glazing


Insulating acoustic laminated glass

VLam™ Hush

Acoustic laminated glass


Performance laminated glass - available in a range of tones for performance and design flexibility


Digitally printed safety glass

EnergyTech™ & SolTech™

Performance single glazing - available in a range of tones for flexible solar control.


Premium float glass – our foundation product for clear vision & quality


Standard laminated glass, where safety and noise control begins


Quality toughened glass – for superior strength, safety & resilience


Security laminated glass


Trafficable custom structural laminates


High clarity glass for a clearer view


Textured glass for spaces which require light and privacy


Mirror for high reflective and decorative finishes

DécorMirror™ Safe

Vinyl backed safety mirror - adds depth and light to your space with added safety


Frosted etched glass for internal and external spaces - adding light and privacy

VLam™ Translucent

Translucent laminated glass for spaces which require privacy and natural light


Ceramic painted glass, for decorative applications which require durability


Laminated coloured glass, for decorative applications which require colour consistency and durability

Cross System™

ThermoTech™ IGU Colonial Window Style

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Glass can be tricky sometimes, which is why we’ve provided you with a whole bunch of different download options to help assist you in your glass choices and specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Glass selection has a long term impact on the comfort and quality of life in a home so we advise consumers to do as much research as they can on the different glass types available. Choosing the glass and windows for your home is something that needs to be done in the early planning stages. For example, in new builds you need to state the glass type you are using in the paperwork for the home development application. This is the same if you are conducting a renovation that costs over $50,000 with alterations and additions.

Natural Light

Natural light is an essential element in creating a comfortable, healthy, light-filled home. By choosing better performing glass over ordinary glass you can enjoy larger windows and more natural light as well as a home that’s cool in summer and warm in winter.

To achieve natural light and comfort, as well as ensure you meet your building compliance requirements, we advise consumers to choose from our residential range of high-performance glass. Speak to us about Viridian LightBridge™ and SmartGlass™.


Homeowners who want greater control over the comfort and temperature of their home have a number of options. They can choose an entry-level energy efficiency glass product such as Viridian’s SmartGlass™ which improves insulation over ordinary glass by around a third. Or they can go a step further and choose a higher performing glass such as Viridian’s LightBridge™ which can more than double this improvement in insulation performance.


We know that there is an increasing number of Australians now living in high density urban areas, so people are looking for long term ways to prevent outside noise disrupting home life. Viridian ComfortHush has been developed to specifically address this issue. ComfortHush™ can reduce noise levels entering a home by up to 34% compared to ordinary 3mm glass. It also contains a Low E coating, making it a better insulator compared to ordinary glass.

Viridian LightBridge™ can also be upgraded to offer enhanced noise control giving homeowners the opportunity to create a comfortable, peaceful living space that provides sanctuary from the outside world.

Ordinary single glass that is found in many Australian homes offers little insulation and leaks energy. Australian homeowners deserve better, and we want to show you how easy it is to get better glass for your home.

If you want to upgrade, you can choose an entry-level Low E coated single glazed product such as Viridian SmartGlass™ which improves insulation over ordinary glass by around a third. If you want to go a step better, high performance double glazing such as Viridian LightBridge™ has an even greater impact, more than doubling this improvement.

A better insulated home also means reducing your reliance on powered heating and cooling – taking some pressure off the family’s electricity costs!