30th July 2020

Wollongong Passivhaus Duplex

Stephen Cuthbert is a Mechanical Engineer with a keen interest in sustainability. His passion has led him to spearhead the design and construction of a Passivehaus duplex project using sustainable design practices and high quality building materials. This is a live research project, as the home will be studied for its effects on efficiency and comfort. 

The data collected from the home will aim to inform the industry about how building practices across Australia must improve to ensure we design and construct comfortable homes which are not only lower cost to maintain, but also reduce Australia's carbon footprint. 

We are proud to support Stephen's project, and have supplied LightBridge™ double glazing into the window systems. 

We can't wait to see the end result, we will provide updates as this project progresses! 

Take a look at some sneak peek photos of the glass being delivered.