4th September 2020

Viridian Glass Mornington Relocation - Update

We previously advised that we would be commencing the process of relocating all Mornington branch operations to the Rokeby Site.

We want to advise that the official date for the relocation of these operations will be the 21st September 2020. From this date the Mornington site will be vacated, and all orders will be coordinated and distributed via the Rokeby site.

All customers who usually order from the Mornington site have been contacted by staff members with new ordering information. If you need further information or would like to order glass for this region you can contact the Rokeby site team directly at by calling (03) 6247 0300 or emailling rokeby@viridianglass.com.

We have a robust operation in Tasmania, and have a hard-working team dedicated to supporting the specific needs of the local market, and we appreciate the loyalty of customers in this region.