20th May 2021

United Nations approves 2022 as the International Year of Glass

In exciting news, it was announced this week that the United Nations has approved 2022 as the International Year of Glass (IYOG 2022).  Acknowledging the global contribution glass makes to many different technologies, and its ability to continue contributing to a sustainable and greener world. 

Viridian Glass Australia proudly endorses this initiative, and this is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of glass as a vital technology. 

For more information visit the IYOG website, and see the latest press release on this announcement here

This is an opportunity to enhance the awareness and education about glass and the contribution it has made to our world throughout history - we can't wait to celebrate! 

The global committee released a presentation to support the pledge.  This presentation showcases the evolution of glass as a technology then, now and into the future and how glass as a technology aligns with the UN’s 2030 sustainable development goals. Take a look here:


There is also a campaign website which you can sign up to for regular updates: http://iyog2022.org/

We will provide updates on any local activities as we approach 2022!