1st November 2019

TechOnline Samples and Software

Recently our business changed, and the way we do things have changed. One of these changes was reviewing the viability of maintaining our Samples and Software system.

After careful consideration a decision was made to cease these services, the decision was made for a number of reasons including the rapid decline in the number of requests and the impact these samples have on the environment in terms of waste and natural resources. The change in our approach also reflects the changing trends in the design communities around the use of electronic mediums and the move away from physical samples and mood boards.

To counter this, Viridian has updated the website to bring more inspirational content to our audience including project images, case studies and videos illustrating glass in application.  We encourage you to explore the inspiration areas of our website, including Case Studies, Vision Magazine Archives and Videos.

Thank you for your continuing support of Viridian Glass.