4th October 2022

Ransomware attack communication

Dear Valued Customer and Supplier Partners,

As we reflect on the recovery period from the cyber security attack, the Viridian team would like to thank all of our customers and supply partners for their patience and understanding during this time.

This period has been extremely disruptive across all aspects of the Viridian business. As a customer focused business, we were determined to resume normal operations as quickly and safely as possible, to limit the impact on our customers and their supply chain.

Once we became aware of this incident on Wednesday 7 September, we immediately took action and implemented our crisis response plan to contain and respond to the attack. This plan included:

- Disabling internet connections and shutting down servers and systems that could be affected; and
- Engaging with external cyber security specialists who have taken comprehensive actions to contain the incident, conduct detailed forensic investigations, and work with our IT team in restoring our systems.

We are pleased to announce that we can put this incident behind us. We can move forward directing our attention to producing quality glass products to meet the demands of our customers and providing exceptional customer service.

Thank you for your continued support.