6th February 2020

Introducing LightBridge next™

Introducing the newest addition to our double glazing product family - LightBridge next™.

LightBridge next

LightBridge next™ takes the current LightBridge™ product and offers next generation benefits.

Thermal Spacer: Improved thermal edge performance due to its non-conductive spacer that outperforms traditional materials. This spacer minimises energy loss and there is also a greater reduction in the potential for condensation to form at the edge.

Comfort and Natural Light: The highest performance double glazing product in our range, this product enables comfort with the addition of the thermal spacer. It is also versatile, to enable large scale window designs.

Acoustic Performance: LightBridge next™ contains a specially formulated glass to dampen noise, providing enhanced sound insulation performance.

Safety and UV Protection: This product meets Grade A safety standards*, and also creates a barrier against UV, protecting internal furnishes.

Importantly, there will be changes to the current LightBridge™ range. LightBridge Base will simply be known as LightBridge™ and will come standard with the new thermal spacer. Just keep ordering this as you previously have.

LightBridge next™ will be available for ordering from 30 March 2020.

Find out more at www.viridianglass.com/lightbridgenext

*Refers to outer glass only.