18th March 2020

Important update: COVID-19 and Viridian Glass

Considering recent events, we want to reassure our customers and the wider industry that we are working hard to minimise disruption to national glass supply as much as possible.

Our highest priority is to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers. We are also working hard to ensure we can support our customers to reduce disruptions to their glass supply chain as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

We are in uncertain times and uncharted territory. The spread of COVID-19 is sadly affecting the health and day to day activities of citizens worldwide. The unavoidable by-product of this pandemic is a disruption to the economy as the ability to maintain regular productivity may be hindered.  

The building and construction industry have already begun to feel the effects as key supply chains are interrupted which are delaying projects and resulting in site disruptions.

We have implemented the following actions to safeguard health and minimise supply disruption:

You, your staff and your business

We want to work with our customers to ensure as little disruption as possible. The way we service your business might slightly change, we will schedule phone meetings instead of personal visits, deliveries will continue as usual with common sense provisions in place, and enhanced safeguards for our drivers and customers receiving deliveries have been implemented. 

If you regularly visit Viridian Glass sites for orders or pickups, we please ask you to ensure you practice regular self-hygiene practices and maintain social distancing including refraining from handshaking and physical contact, and do not attend site if you are feeling unwell.

Our staff

We Love Glass, but we love our staff even more. We have put  measures in place to ensure our staff are safe. We are keeping up to date with all Government health updates and recommendations around this issue. Where possible we have asked staff to work remotely and have now put measures in place including social distancing enforcement and personal hygiene reminders.


We recognised this potential threat earlier in the year, and we made some decisions to increase components and consumable supplies to ensure we have what we need in place in case we experienced disruptions. At this stage we have no supply chain disruptions or supply issues, if anything changes in this regard we will communicate these as and if they eventuate.

The Viridian Glass Leadership Team is keeping a close eye on these events, we are putting the proper practices in place to ensure the health and wellbeing of our customers, staff and limit any disruption where possible.

As a proud local glass manufacturer, we are here to support our local industry and will do what we can to keep local building projects, contractors and businesses moving during this time.

If you have any queries or concerns please contact your regular representative directly, get in touch with your local branch here or call us at 1800 847 434