6th May 2021

Commercial Window Specification Tool - Now Live

Specifying a whole of window system for the current NCC 2019 Section J Requirements can be a challenge when navigating various glazing and framing options to suit the design as well as its climate zone or building type.

We have teamed up with Speckel to provide a support tool which outputs glazing system recommendations which satisfy requirements in line with Section J.

The Speckel tool enables specifiers, designers and building professionals to rapidly navigate specification of commercial building envelope systems in line with local building code and regulations. Viridian Glass products are on Speckel, and when matched with framing products, will allow you to easily create window, door and façade systems which meet your project requirements.

The tool is now live here.

How to use: 

Step 1 - Find your location, set the number of building storeys and set your noise exposure.

Step 2 - Select your Building Class.

Step 3 - Select your Climate Zone.

Step 4 - Select your window type and design your glazing system.

Step 5 - Browse through the options presented, you can also search for framing systems or glazing types using the search tool to the left of the page. 

Your results will appear on page for you to navigate to support your specification. You can also download a report. 

Download a User Guide here for more information. 

For the best experience, please access this tool on your PC or laptop. it is not currently optimised for mobile devices. 

Further Support

If you require support please contact us at viridian@viridianglass.com or speak with your Account Manager.