1st September 2022

Loving Glass Series: Why is glass important?

You may only get to choose the windows for your homes once or twice in your lifetime - so why is this choice often being ignored? 


We have always been here to make sure glass isn't ignored, supporting our customers and the wider community in accessing and understanding the benefits of choosing better glass for our homes and buildings. We know that natural light creates healthier, happier and more connected spaces. We also know that demand for comfortable and more energy efficient spaces is growing. Glass can help solve building challenges when it comes to natural light, comfort and thermal efficiency - and this is what excites and inspires us. Put simply, we love glass. 

We work and innovate with glass every day, it's our passion - we want to share our knowledge for better glass choices and educate why glass choices are important for the day to day comfort and long term value of a home. 

Think about the choices you make when going through the requirements for a build or renovation project. Your builders invite you to a colour studio to choose your finishes and colour scheme, or your renovation plan focuses on fresh paint or tiles - we want to open your mind to think about how structurally you can create a more comfortable, private and quiet home by selecting high performance glass for your windows.  

Scott Clarkson is a Building Performance Expert and runs Clarkson Consulting, and he will explain why glass choice is important for the comfort of your home.