1st September 2022

Loving Glass Series: Selecting glass to control noise

You can't always predict the noise levels outside when you're building or buying a new home. Whether its road or aircraft traffic, the local grunge band practicing next door or barking dogs. This noise is unwanted and irritating! The right glass could be your solution.

These days we are living closer together. Developers and homeowners want to make the most of their land so multiple dwellings are being built in closer proximity to each other.

Our cities continue to evolve in other ways, with major infrastructure projects expanding roads and train lines, which is great for our ability to get around but difficult for those living close by who are dealing with construction and noise they would not normally have to contend with. 

There is a solution - acoustic glass! Acoustic glass and the appropriate building fabric design can make a noticeable impact on the noise coming in from outside.  

Some planning regulations will require acoustic glass due to the proximity to a freeway or train line for example. However, you can also request acoustic glass to future proof your home and reduce any unexpected noise issues that may arise.

Types of Acoustic Glass

Single Glass

In single glass we have VLam™ Hush and ComfortHush™.

VLam™ Hush is two pieces of very thin glass sandwiched together with a specially formulated interlayer which reduces noise transfer much better than ordinary glass.  

ComfortHush™ contains the same interlayer technology as VLam™ Hush, however it also contains a Low E coating on the glass surface which makes the glass a more energy efficient solution.

Double Glazing

In our double glazing range, we have LightBridge next™. LightBridge next™ is our highest performing double glazing product, not only is it the most thermally efficient residential double glazing on our range it also contains acoustic technology for all round home comfort. 

What is best for me? 

You will need to speak to your builder or window fabricator about which is best to suit your frame type and budget, but don't forget to ask for Viridian Glass! 

Take a look at how the Three Birds Renovations team selected ComfortHush™ to solve an acoustic challenge in their House 9 Renovation in Sydney: 



Scott Clarkson is a Building Performance Expert and runs Clarkson Consulting, he explains more about acoustic glass and how it works. Take a look!