A place where you can make our products come to life

This is where you get to play with some of our products – it’s heaps of fun! We want you to create, innovate and customise with our glass so you can have a look that is uniquely you.

Play with our Mix n Match tool below which lets you combine different patterned glass options with a range of coloured interlayers. So you can visualise what you could create – for real! Switch between previewing a mirrored layer and glass layer to see the different impact of mirror and glass.

Please note that custom designs are subject to minimum order quantities and additional costs.

Customise your look

Select mirror or glass as your base, click on a swatch to add a splash of colour, and then drag across the pattern options to preview your very own look.

Combining glass with colour is an exciting way to add that amazing design element. We use a special process where glass is laminated with one or more interlayers – delivering thousands of possible colour, texture & transparency combinations. So you can create something special that is truly original.

Create the colour you’ve been dreaming of

Why choose from a standard range of colours when you can create your very own? Pick out your favourite shades, then mix and match them together to create one of thousands of possible colour combinations.

Vanceva Stack
Vanceva Stack

See how you can bring your vision to life

Here you can see how interlayers are combined and laminated between our glass to create a unique colour. Mix Colour 1 with Colour 3, then add to Colour 6. Combine with another Colour 6 and you have created Colour 1366 – a vibrant blue.