Project: The Oslo - St Kilda, Victoria

Architect: Julian Brenchley

Principal Glazing: LightBridge™, VTough™ and DecorFloor™

Text, Images & Film: Peter and Jenny Hyatt


Take a look at house 5 by Jesse and Mel

Jesse and Mel’s luxurious vision for their home came together in the best possible way. The use of artwork and detailed finishes from the walls right to the floors have really added a sense of opulence to this home, without compromising on its amenity.

Take a look at some of the ways windows, doors and glazing was used to allow refreshing light into these stylish spaces.

The bathrooms are optimised to ensure light gets in. We love the way they used windows (and a door!) to open up the bathrooms to more light to create a personalised space.

The kitchen design is really clever. The way the large doors open into the courtyard off the kitchen created an extended dining or entertaining area which seamlessly connects to the outdoors.

Like the other houses, the windows and doors through the center courtyard ensures light gets in.

The shiny diamond of this home is the way glass balustrades were used to create a glass partition piece between the staircase and the ground floor. This creates access to the outer side of the staircase, providing another well for light to access. Amazing work!

This home is a real merging of the old and new, paying tribute to the heritage elements of this building whilst also creating new access to spaces which generate more natural light for comfortable living.


Viridian LightBridge™ double glazing was used in the windows and doors.
Viridian VTough™ safety glass was used for the glass balustrades.


Do you want Viridian Glass for your home? Speak to your builder or window fabricator about specific needs for your project, and make sure you ask for Viridian Glass!

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