Project: Marian College Science Centre

Architect: Minx Architecture

Builder: Magellan Projects

Window Fabricator, Installer or Glazier: Red Crab Windows & Aluminium

Glass Processor: SOLOS Glass

Principal Glazing: DecorColour™ is the branding alternative to SOLOS Chroma™

Photography: © SOLOS Glass


Shines a colourful light on a new learning space - create an inspiring learning space within the Marian College Science Centre to visually replicate a colourful litmus test.

Award-winning Minx Architecture have displayed their design talents by incorporating a colourful representation of the litmus test as the visionary behind the science centre hub redevelopment. The large-scale model was brought to life by utilising 14 panels of custom designed SOLOS Chroma™ laminated decorative safety glass. To produce the desired colour effect, the builder suggested using an external film, however discussions with the architect led them to explore alternative options.

Key features of the design were functionality, durability and longevity of the learning space. After careful consideration, SOLOS Chroma™ was determined to be the favourable product choice, providing the additional benefits for a lasting and effective solution.

SOLOS’s digital online catalogue, featuring product specifications and Chroma™ colour chart provided beneficial information to the architect aiding in the selection process.

Mel Walton of Minx Architecture states, ‘Keeping true to the vision of the project and wanting to create a slight radiance of colour as you move through the space, SOLOS’s swift response in supplying true and accurate samples made the selection process a breeze.’

Right from the point of realising that a laminated glass solution was required, Alex Simpson of Magellan Projects commented, ‘SOLOS were great in reaching out to the architect to get the process moving. As is the case with any coloured glazing, the approval of the hue is the most critical part. We expect premium supply and liaison and I can say we’ve received this.’


The Result

The carefully selected panels of Chroma™ deliver a stunning visual aesthetic showcasing high levels of natural light.

Adding radiance to the design, the east facing facade delivers bold sharp colours in the morning graduating to more muted hues by afternoon. The project is a magnificent kaleidoscope, beautifully and accurately representing the renowned litmus test.

The Marian College Science Centre is a colourful interactive learning space creating a unique environment for young minds to prosper.


Project Specifications

Sector: Education

Application: Exterior Windows

Product Mix:
8.5mm Chroma™ Custom Laminated 
SXO - 020 Golden Yellow
SXO - 025 Brimstone Yellow
SXO - 031 Red
SXO - 033 Red Orange
SXO - 034 Orange
SXO - 040 Violet
SXO - 041 Pink
SXO - 049 King Blue
SXO - 051 Gentian Blue
SXO - 053 Light Blue
SXO - 060 Dark Green
SXO - 063 Lime Tree Green
SXO - 068 Grass Green
SXO - 077 Telemagenta