Project: Emanuel Synagogue

Principal Glazing: PixaGraphic™

Text, Images & Film: Peter and Jenny Hyatt


Inclusive Synagogue design brought to life using PixaGraphic™

The Emanuel Synagogue in Sydney is not only a worship centre, the client and design team aimed to create a space which was functional and inclusive, and that they did!

Architect, Ed Lippmann, is known for his inclusive and considered designs. His design conviction shines through for worshippers and the community alike in this project contrasting traditional materials of masonry and tile, his branching steelwork and glass tapestry producing a new era in the synagogue’s grand Australian story.

The decision to develop a design using PixaGraphic™ arose from some artwork the client commissioned in the main entry foyer called The Tree of Life by Janet Laurence. The client then asked if they could produce two more artworks throughout the building using the PixaGraphic™ technology, both taking inspiration from religious narratives.

Ed said, “The use of triangles isn’t arbitrary. The shape is derived from the Star of David which is inherent to Jewish iconography. The triangular columns and ceiling pattern continue through to the artwork on the glass. The artwork and architecture are intentionally integrated. It might be subliminal but the shape of the beams and columns, the detailing on the glass all combine to create a greater whole.” 

The result, a unique and peaceful building which tells a religious story, whilst inviting inclusiveness and community.


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