1st December 2010

Viridian StormGuard – Product Review

Not all locations are the same when it comes to the challenges that climate and weather present. Viridian StormGuard - cyclone resistant glass, has been specifically designed for buildings in Australia and New Zealand’s cyclone prone regions, or wherever buildings require protection from strong winds and airborne debris. Viridian StormGuard Cloud Front Image StormGuard Product Description Viridian's StormGuard cyclone resistant glass is a laminated safety glass that incorporates an extra thick interlayer to resist penetration from flying debris such as timber associated with cyclones. Even if the glass is impacted and broken, it still retains its weather-tight ability allowing the building to remain habitable after a cyclone passes. StormGuard is suitable for all buildings in strong wind areas, specifically buildings that need to be habitable during and immediately after a cyclone, for example hospitals, emergency services, defence and government buildings, hotels and homes. Features and Benefits - Clear vision without the need for storm shutters. - Protection from the weather even if glass is impacted. - Tested to exceed the relevant standard (AS/NZS1170.2.1). - Grade A safety glass. - Range of tones and solar control options. - Security, noise reduction, UV protection. Installation The glass needs to be incorporated into a window frame capable of retaining the glass in positive and negative wind cycles. For more information on Viridian StormGuard and other performance glass products, visit the product section of the Viridian website. Tell us about your glazing project, especially if you use one of our high performance products. Register for GlassTalks blog updates by entering your email address (above right).