11th January 2017

Top 4 ways to make your space look and feel bigger

Inner city homes today are often smaller spaces, with tinier bedrooms and even smaller bathrooms. How do you maximise the space you have and make it appear larger?

Here our top 4 tips to make your space feel bigger when building, renovating or redecorating your home.

1/ Mirror Mirror on the wall

Wherever possible use a mirror in your chosen space. Mirrors create the illusion of depth and height. When positioned correctly, mirrors not only reflect light beautifully but give your room a greater sense of space.


Our Mirra range of mirrored decorative glass is perfect for enhancing natural light.

2/ Use lighter colours

Darker colours tend to absorb light, making a room look smaller. By the same token, by choosing darker toned furniture it will also make your room feel boxed in and cluttered.

Light and bright walls are more reflective, making your chosen room feel open and airy, which helps maximise natural light. By simply painting your walls white, natural light is reflected and makes your chosen space feel bigger.


3/ Windows

No one likes a stuffy space, and a room without a window is like an ice cream without the cherry on top. To open up your space you need to be connected with the outdoors. By installing a window in a bathroom or bedroom it connects you to the outside world, generating natural light and making your room appear more spacious.

Our LightBridge glass is perfect for letting the light in whilst blocking out the heat and noise.

Two professionals or entrepreneurs working on a laptop in an office, while sitting on the couch

4/ Keep it simple & clear the clutter

Avoid clunky pieces of furniture and for the love of light, keep your space tidy. Leaving a mess building up around the floor and on shelves just makes a place feel unorganised and cluttered. By keeping things simple including your decor and bedding, you can be sure your space will appear roomier.

For more information on how to let natural light into your home, visit our website at www.viridianglass.com.au