21st April 2017

Three Birds Renovations explain how Viridian glass can reduce outside noise

Did you know that the right glass can heavily impact the sound reduction in your home? In a recent article on realestate.com we discovered that for many, this isn’t common knowledge.

If you have been watching the home renovation show Three Birds Renovations recently, you have probably seen our glass being installed in the program’s latest project, ‘House 6’. Much to Lana Taylor from Three Birds’ surprise and delight, she discovered that our glass can help achieve noise reduction throughout her new home.

In fact, Viridian glass can decrease sound by 34% compared to regular glass. Why is that? Our glass has an acoustic interlayer – this 3-layer laminate is specially designed to dampen noise and limit vibrations.

When investing in products for your home, most people are not aware that glass can do a lot more than provide light or ventilation – glass can affect the overall comfort of your home. “Most people think there’s just one type of glass that’s see-through,” Lana explains, “but you can get all different types of glass.”

With urban living proving to be noisy for most people, it can affect the peace and quiet of the home. With outside noises like morning transport or noisy neighbours – it’s good to know there is a solution to block these noises out. Lana explains;

“If noise is an issue for you, it’s so handy to know you don’t need to buy new windows – you can just get the glass replaced.”

You don’t have to pack up and move or wear ear plugs 24/7 – by installing the right glass you can manage the sound transfer in your home; ensuring the very best in home comfort.

Another point worth noting is that noise can be reduced not only externally but internally. When sharing a space with others, sometimes it can be difficult to avoid noise transfer between rooms, but with our glass this can be rectified. Viridian glass installed in certain rooms can reduce noise; creating a more peaceful environment for everyone.

And while noise is a huge factor in maximising home comfort, our glass also helps with the temperature of your home ensuring your space is cool in summer and warm in winter. So when choosing glass for your home, make sure you choose one that helps to make your home a haven.

To learn more about our glass products click here: http://www.viridianglass.com/products/noise