11th January 2018

The next big thing in home design is clear

No other material plays such a prominent role in modern day architecture than glass. It’s a stylish, versatile material that is synonymous with ‘the modern look’. Recent developments in glass manufacturing has increased the design opportunities available to architects.

One thing that cannot be denied about glass is that it’s a striking material – transparent, seamless and fluid, glass promotes a sense of continuum that makes homes more liveable and beautiful. Let’s look at a few ways glass is used for its aesthetic quality.

It enhances interior design


It comes as no surprise that natural light is one of the great allies to interior design. The presence of light through expansive glass can make a room feel more spacious, comfortable and complement a well-considered colour palette. This is particularly advantageous to modern design when you take in consideration today’s shrinking living spaces in urban areas. As well as enhancing an area, glass also provides visual access to a backyard or view, further improving the look of a space.

It can beautify exteriors

blog2 Historically, the use of glass has been restricted, because of its poor load bearing capacity. However, developments in engineering (tempered glass, coated glass, trusses etc.) have allowed glass to break out of its previous role and become a viable building material through structural systems such as curtain walls, interior partitions, balustrades and facades. This increased building flexibility has allowed for some truly unique and beautiful designs, seamlessly connecting a building with the outside world.

It can be used decoratively

One of the most underutilised uses of glass in design is as a decorative measure. Countertops, splashbacks, walls feature, wardrobe doors and furniture can also be made of glass, giving a home a distinct point of difference. Furthermore, decorative glass comes in a wide range of colours, helping to either make a bold statement, or simply blend in with the existing design. While glass has many qualities that makes it an appealing material for architects, its aesthetics quality should not be underestimated. As shown, it has a wide range of applications that can improve the appearance of a home.