1st December 2020

The Block 2020 - Explore House 1

Harry and Tash had the 1920s home to tackle, and the biggest house on The Block. With a northern facing aspect, and sprawling ceilings, yards and voids – they also had the most amazing spaces to work with, and we loved how they worked with Viridian Glass. Here are our highlights! 


Front Door and Entry 

The original 100 year old front door was restored, with the glass replaced with Viridian PixaGraphic™.  

Kitchen and Dining

The northern facing kitchen and dining area provided unique access to natural light the other houses didn't have. Viridian LightBridge next™ double glazing of course! 

The large doors connecting the outdoor to the indoor maximises that access to the northern light in the kitchen and dining area.

Stair Balustrading 

Stair balustrading created a seamless lines within the stairwell which enhances the light coming through the windows. Viridian VTough™ was used on here. 

Viridian LightBridge next™ double glazing was used in the windows and doors.
Viridian VTough™ safety glass was used for the glass balustrades.
Viridian PixaGraphic™ was used in the restored front door. 

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Take a virtual tour of The Block, and hear from Architect Julian Brenchley - watch here!