27th January 2015

Safe House

light Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula is rated among the world’s top 20 travel destinations for 2015 according to National Geographic magazine. The Peninsula House captures the essence of the area’s lifestyle possibilities by stepping among ancient ti-tree and dunes. The shadow of highly combustible ti-tree is ever-present and a blessing that can quickly become a bushfire curse. Moody Builders worked closely with Paarhammer Windows and Viridian to create a house remarkably in tune with the landscape yet highly resistant to bushfire attack. Viridian PyroGuard 40TM in bespoke Paarhammer windows and doors offer unique protection without compromise. Well-intended regulations can easily stifle design. The risk of bushfire could have resulted in a fortress-like residence on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, but Moody Builders weren’t deterred. The firm’s architectural team and client wanted a design that would take advantage of a beautiful dune-top setting. Surrounded by ti-tree, the challenge was to ensure the house would withstand bushfire conditions. Rather than simply meet regulations, the builders installed laboratory tested and fire-rated Paarhammer windows and doors in combination with Viridian PyroGuard 40TM. The result is an essay in environmental connection of sunlight and ocean breezes. Large, easy tracking, stackable doors leading to sheltered courtyards and distant vistas are a blend of brilliant practicality and worst-case scenario safety. In the event of a bushfire, PyroGuard 40TM transmits just three percent of the fire’s radiant heat. Huge functionality and brilliant access are among the stellar attractions of this house that reflects so much of the dunes and ancient ti-tree.
The Living Space is brought to you by Viridian New World Glass.