3rd March 2015

Natural Light Equals Happy Homes


Originally posted on the Paarhammer Blog. For more about Paarhammer Windows and Doors, visit http://www.paarhammer.com.au/

Light in the home is more valued than ever before. We strive to take advantage of the building’s orientation for energy efficiency, to include views and invite nature into our homes, and to enjoy free flowing spaces for entertaining and our individual lifestyles.

When asked what people’s aspirations were when building or renovating, the most common responses were:  area, light, room, space, living – according to CSR Viridian Consumer Research. Renovation and real estate sites mention similar words:  views, space, light, glass, natural, sun.

The conclusion is ‘Natural Light/Space = Design Success and Market Appeal’.

Coincidentally, research tells us that increased levels of natural daylight aid Vitamin D and Serotonin levels, both of which aid mental, spiritual and physical health. On the reverse side, reduced levels of natural light also increase the incidence of depression, anxiety, ill health and can even help prolong recovery from illness.

Windows are the key to increasing the amount of natural light into your living space and enabling all aspects of comfort. The bottom line is if your windows are too small, the room will always be naturally dark.

Getting your window size, location and specification right is critical to maintaining comfort levels in your home. When selecting your glass it’s important to consider all variables and balance the benefits of natural light with the side effects of heat gain/heat loss and glare. These elements can be controlled with shading techniques like external venetian blinds, proper window placement and orientation, and of course the use of energy-efficient glass.

Large areas of ordinary single glazing leak too much heat and don’t comply with energy regulations. 6 Star houses are often built with small windows to get the energy star rating. But with double or even triple glazing, the windows can be much larger to achieve the same 6 star rating or higher, and provide the consumer with exactly what they want most: light, views and a sense of space.

It’s with this research that we can see how well-placed windows, allowing maximum natural light, can prove to be invaluable for not just the home, but the well-being of the residents both short term and long term.

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