21st February 2017

Learn how glass can be used to create bright and colourful spaces

At Viridian, we know that natural light is the key ingredient for making a dull space come to life.  But once that glorious natural light has been injected, how do you take your space to the next level and transform it with colour and vibrancy?

While there are some standard options around like adding colourful furniture or adding a lick of paint to a wall, did you know that we offer a range of glass products that can add a level of style and colour to your home?

While glass may not be an obvious choice for most people to achieve this – our Interior and Decorative range of coloured glass products are perfect for adding a unique and distinct flair to your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

1/  SpectraElements™ – for creating colourful and stylish spaces

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Our SpectraElements glass has been specially designed to add a bold accent to your space, whether it be your kitchen splash back or bathroom vanity. The range is pre-painted and offers colour and reflection to any space, making it a convenient solution to suit a range of applications.

Available in a dynamic range of colours, SpectraElements™ gives you an array of possibilities to add that decorative touch to a room. It is can be toughened to Grade A safety glass, making it durable and highly resistant to scratches.

2/ DigiGlass™ Digitally printed laminate for capturing your image in glass.


Do you have a beautiful image of flowers you have always dreamed of printing and mounting on your wall for all to see? With our DigiGlass range, you can capture your chosen image in glass and create a unique piece of wall art.

DigiGlass™ uses a computer-based digital imaging system that places your image between layers of glass. The system is exceptionally efficient and versatile, opening-up endless opportunities for you to decorate and colour any space.

3/ MirraAura bronze™  – Premium quality bronzed glassNexus_photoshoot_mirror

MirraAura bronze is our range of mirrored glass that is ideal for illuminating a room and reflecting natural light. It is available in a gorgeous bronzed glass option, which adds a level of sophistication, style and colour – perfect for your bathroom or hallway. MirraAura bronze will not only create a beautiful feature, it will also make your space look and feel bigger and brighter.

For more information on our Interior and Decorative range of coloured glass visit: http://greatglass.viridianglass.com.au