24th June 2015

Integrating natural light into your home with LightBridge™

Nothing assists the mind in harnessing inspiration more than a view. Gazing through your crystal clear glass installation whilst capturing the golden glow of the afternoon sun makes for enhanced living – and adds value to your home.

A recent CSIRO survey highlighted the desire for modern homeowners to incorporate ‘good natural light’ into their home. It was the most important feature from a set list of top priorities for a home.1

Large areas of ordinary glass lose too much heat and don’t comply with energy regulations, leaving homeowners to face the challenge of achieving adequate natural light levels and maintaining an energy efficient home. As a result of this many six star houses are often built with smaller windows to achieve the required NatHERS star rating.

Viridian’s solution to this is the introduction of their innovative LightBridge™ range. These high performance insulating glass units (IGU) are developed for residential buildings, and allow you to enjoy abundant natural light levels in your home without compromising energy efficiency.

The LightBridge™ range offers the opportunity to more than double the glazed area in your home as opposed to using ordinary glass, without also doubling the price tag.

“This is because choosing high performance double glazed windows like LightBridge™ means the permissible window area can be much larger whilst still achieving the same NatHERS star rating.  This provides consumers with exactly what they want: a comfortable energy-efficient home with light, views, and a sense of space,” explains Viridian’s Home Comfort General Manager, Daniel Black.

“High performance glass allows homeowners to enjoy a healthier, more comfortable, light filled, better quality and better valued home with an enhanced indoor outdoor connection,” Daniel added.

Choosing LightBridge™ helps you to facilitate increased natural light levels as well as offering you the freedom of choosing different glass tones to help vary the degree of sun and glare coming into their home, as well as offering you the choice to elect glass to accommodate your privacy needs.

With an exceptionally low U-value, LightBridge™ is a market-leading performer in residential insulation and glazing – and is suitable for windows and doors capable of accommodating a double glazed unit.

Experience all the benefits natural light has to offer in your home with LightBridge™ by Viridian.

1CSIRO EnergyFit Homes Initiative focus groups research

For more information on Viridian’s LightBridge range please visit the website: http://www.viridianglass.com/Products/lightbridge/default.aspx?ProductType=GlassTrade

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