28th October 2015

Innovation – the essence of success

Influential author and industry expert, Jorma Vitkala, recently discussed the future of the glass industry, emphasising the importance of innovation and adaptation.

Vitkala discusses the vitality of businesses recognising that change is not a threat; it’s an opportunity. He believes that transformation is fundamental to the success of any business and industries that fail to innovate won’t succeed. It’s not enough to remain the same and just stay afloat when there’s so much to gain from embracing the opportunities change presents.

Many industries are changing rapidly. Vitkala argues that by implementing new solutions and changing our ways, we can do the same within the glass industry. If businesses are constantly innovating and changing, they possess the opportunity to mould the world around us to build the foundations for future generations.

Innovative use of glass for transparency – Fifth Avenue Apple store

Even in this age of progression, Vitkala argues that many things are yet to be discovered, stating that we as an industry should be “pushing the boundaries so that we can leave something remarkable for the next generation.”

Viridian is always working to enhance the quality of our glass and expand its capabilities. Technological advancements allow for the creation of new shapes that are curvier and more extreme. The current technology allows for the creation of stronger, more decorative glass than ever before. It’s also simpler to manage, with some products performing self-cleaning.

If you want to discover more about how our range of products are changing and evolving the industry, take a look at our product range today.