22nd December 2014

Improve Your Life with Natural Light

Improve your health & wellbeing with natural light Natural light is essential for a healthy home and healthy self. It generates that feeling of healthy living and wellbeing and has the unique ability to create a physical sense of space, warmth and belonging in a home. Natural light is a home essential. In addition to the health benefits it provides, it creates that desired sense of comfort, space and life in a property. Glass and windows facilitate the amount of natural light in a home, which is why they are such influential factors in home design. Clever home design and using the right glass allows us create a living environment that makes us feel closer to our surroundings. Having that visual connection with the outside world offers a sense of engagement and freedom while at the same time, glass can also provide us with security and sanctuary from the outside world – a combination other home build materials just can’t provide. As Australia’s largest glass provider, Viridian has a rich and powerful history in glass. We lead the country in glass manufacturing, but this is not what drives us. In addition to providing innovative glazing solutions we want to inspire people to think about the importance of natural light and how it impacts their everyday lives. Through our products and knowledge our aim is to help bring more natural light into Australian homes. Viridian The Living Space Bruny Island Which is why we have developed The Living Space – an online and social platform to continue conversations around glass and how natural light can improve our lives. The Living Space is a place to interact, discover and be inspired about natural light. So – if you’re building or renovating – or simply want to discover more about how natural light can make your home a better place to live, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. See you soon.
  The Living Space is brought to you by Viridian New World Glass.