8th April 2011

GlassTalk – Contemporary Art

Viridian New World Glass are always keen to push the boundaries of how glass can be used and showcase its more unusual applications. Viridian was a key collaborator and supporter of one of last year’s major showings at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) in Melbourne, providing specialist technical and material support for two of the contributing artists. The exhibition initiative, by interiors and graphics consultancy Nexus Designs and ACCA, explored the relationship between art, design and architecture. Titled NEW010, the exhibition celebrated individual art/sculpture within a dynamic gallery space. Australian Centre for Contemporary Art - Melbourne Exhibition Details Viridian support was included in two of the seven powerful exhibits. Louise Hubbard’s ‘Dead Still’ and Fiona Connor’s ‘What You Bring with You to Work’, both benefiting from technical support by Viridian, Australia’s premier glass manufacturer and supplier. Danielle Midalia of Nexus Designs says the exhibition reflected a strong collaboration between artists and industry. “We exposed the artists to different professions and fostered new relationships,” explains Danielle. “But we also tested ourselves as a practice in the design of the internal spaces. It was a stimulating, cross-disciplinary test that dissolved the boundaries that often confine ideas.” ACCA Exhibition Con Kantis from Viridian and Danielle Midalia from Nexus Designs in front of the Fiona Connor installation that featuring nine accurately produced windows that framed a 'view of the world' (image above). "Viridian are passionate about actively supporting the use of glass in extraordinary ways, and having the opportunity to assist two such talented artists has been extremely rewarding”, said Viridian’s architectural segment manager Con Kantis. “Hopefully the exhibition inspired more artists, designers and architects to explore the possibilities of glass". Enter your email address (above right) for automated notification of future GlassTalks articles and visit the Viridian New World Glass website at www.viridianglass.com to learn more about contemporary performance glass.