8th December 2014

Glass – the Art of Peace and Tranquillity

Viridian Glass - The Living Space

Homeowners want to come home to a place where they can relax and unwind. They want their homes to reflect a space of tranquillity and escape.

Unfortunately, as multi residential and higher density living becomes more prevalent in the Australian building landscape and urban population densities increase, there is increasing exposure to noise. 

Whether it’s from traffic, aircraft, trains, factories or even neighbours, unwanted noise is a nuisance. This increasing problem of noise pollution in urban areas means glazing selection is playing an increasingly important role in the building and home design process.

Glass technology has come a long way and we are now using it to address and manage the noise issues that homeowners face in high density urban dwellings. Glass is a unique element of home design in that it allows you to let the good stuff in while keeping the bad stuff out.

Tim Trewin, Secretary of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants, explains how glass plays a critical role in solving such noise pollution issues giving homeowners the sanctuary experience they crave.

“As our cities and urban areas grow, so does the need to take acoustics seriously.  In dense areas this means high performance building facades.  Glazing selection, for one, has a large effect on the internal acoustic comfort of a home.

“Gone are the days of the old inefficient 3mm glass in poorly sealed frames. High performance glass is now the norm in order to ensure enhanced sound insulation in homes.”

Builders, developers and homeowners are increasingly looking for glass that does more than just keep the rain out. People want homes that are quieter and more comfortable to live in and choosing the right glass can help achieve that. 

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