26th February 2019

Glass in the places you work, live, learn and play

Did you know glass selection is important to the spaces you enjoy every day? In the latest edition of Glass Talks we explore how glass is selected to optimise the comfort and ambiance of buildings to support productivity, learning and enjoyment!

Commercial Workplaces

Glass selection in commercial buildings we work is well considered. Architects and designers select glass to meet thermal efficiency standards which ultimately result in more comfortable spaces. They also look to natural light to enhance productivity.  As well as acoustic glass for added quiet and focus in those bustling inner-city areas. When you are next hard at work, take notice of the way the natural light, quiet and comfort helps you feel when going about your day to day tasks. The glass is an important part of this! Hopefully you work in a building with lots of high-performance glass and natural daylight.

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We love this way glass was used in this impressive commercial building in Adelaide!

Schools and Early Learning

Focus and fun – the recipe to help students to soak in and learn new skills in the class room. Glass is an important part of this! St Michael’s Parish School Architect, Garry Thompson from Y2 Architect explains how glass was key to opening up the space to light and colour to encourage engagement and fun!  Watch here. Acoustic glass is also very important. Poor acoustics in a classroom can increase everyday stress and interfere with learning and teaching, impacting understanding, behaviour, attention, concentration and ultimately academic achievement.

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Community Buildings

Your local gym, library and even train station are designed for functionality as well as community enjoyment! Glass brightens spaces – making them inviting places to be. They also help with connection to the outside.

PeterHyattIMG_6696  Hyatt1IMG_0317

We love the way glass has been used in this Melbourne Hospital to enhance the building’s façade as well as provide a comfortable space with the use of double glazing. The Geelong Heritage and Library Centre made use of high-performance double glazing to enhance the façade whilst allowing a lovely flow of light through out the building. We love how WoodsBagot designed the Wynyard Train Station walkway using glass, connecting those walking through to natural light and a connection to the sky.

Your home!

When building or renovating your home you can also decide what kind of factors are important to making it your sanctuary.  Glass choice is important to this - be your own designer! Think about the kind of ambiance you want and work with professionals to help you make it happen! Take a look at the Houses section on our website to browse product by application.