Sustainability is a big deal to us and is part of everything we do. We’re always looking to create more sustainable business practices and products. We take a look at the big picture, from manufacturing choices, to transportation, to waste management - and of course our products themselves are designed to build a more sustainable Australia.


In 2007 we made a commitment to the Victorian Environmental Protection Authority (the EPA) to greatly reduce the environmental effect of our operations in Australia. In putting our hands up to make this commitment, we became the very first manufacturer in the country to sign a sustainability covenant with the EPA. To live up to this promise we undertook a $130 million upgrade of our manufacturing site in Melbourne.


Another part of working to be more sustainable is avoiding the creation of waste – reducing packaging and inter-packing materials is an ongoing focus for us. Our glass production process uses a high percentage of recycled glass.  Plus, you might be surprised to hear our glass also has a second life as a component of road paint and insulation.


Our agreement with the EPA isn’t just about our manufacturing processes but is also a commitment to the further development of products that reduce energy consumption, in turn decreasing CO2 emissions. Technological advancements mean that we now add coatings that increase solar and thermal performance – creating homes, office and other spaces that need less heating and cooling. Learn more about the energy performance of our glass.

We’re very proud that our efforts have earned us the Environmental Standard ISO 14001 certification, exceeding EPA standards. But we still want to do more, so watch this space!