The safety of our staff is one of our highest priorities. Which is why we adhere to a management system that meets all requirements and standards. The result? A safe working environment with a culture of occupational health on all Viridian sites – wherever we are.


We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented. Our managers are held accountable for work health safety and environment performance, and all of our team are expected to take personal responsibility for their actions, as well as be involved in improvement initiatives and setting standards.


We have a common approach across the company for managing work health safety and environment. Viridian is required to implement these standards. We adhere to strict WHSE protocols for contractors as well as for employees to ensure the safety and well being of all people on Viridian sites.


We believe that to get the best results we need to involve the people that do the work in analysing risks and defining the best way of doing the work.

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